Youth Leadership and Community Development

Youth Leadership and Community Development is the sub project in the education projects which focused the youth group aged 15 – 26 years. It is implemented parallel with education programs. The project focuses on preparing young youth as agent of social changes in their communities.


The main objective is to increase youth participation and engagement in leadership and development roles.

  • TAHEA mobilized youth into groups which were linked to the Local Government for recognition. Five (5) Youth groups with 104 members have been registered by Ilemela Municipal Council as Community Based Organizations (CBOs).
  • TAHEA organized capacity building sessions to youth groups focusing on entrepreneurship and life skills which enabled youth to establish income generating activities like bricks making, welding, tailoring, charcoal making and gardening.

The project use a mainstreaming approach for crosscutting issues namely gender, culture, environment and HIV and AIDS. Involvement of Youth in all levels of implementation is the key aspect of this project.

  • Sports as entry point
  • Youth Micro-finance groups.
  • Joint Economic group activities
  • Dialog
  • Close learning visit
  • Youth economic strengthening groups
  • Capacity buildings to youth group