The name WAHI is an abbreviation of two Swahili words “Wa”-Watoto and “HI” Hisa simply means “Children and Savings”. Apparently, mushrooming of microfinance has become an angle where poor people, most in need and marginalized one can access small loans and repay back. WAHI FS Co Ltd is meant to address microcredit limitations to a lowly resourced community with better and ability microloan performance. The company focuses on the role of credit officers as an important means of dealing with asymmetric information on micro financial intermediation.


The WAHI FS Co.Ltd commenced its business operation in 2015 as a community company limited by guarantee under the company act (Cap 212) to implement its objectives on the matter related to economic empowerment to its members of low income in Mwanza. The Organization is based in Bugogwa ward Ilemela district of Mwanza region currently with a permanent office at the Community Resource and Training Center premises –Nyamwilolelwa.


However WAHI – Financial services Co Ltd has gone through several stages since 2009 where by the company started as a CBO, It was initially formed by members of Community Managed Micro Finance groups which have been in operation since 2009 with a goal of improving ECD services in the communities served by TAHEA Mwanza. The establishment of WAHI Financial Services came as a need during the operation of CMMF program with the intention of serving Community Managed Micro Finance groups at an APEX level (at Ward level which comprises of 29 sub villages/ Mitaa) by facilitating bigger loans and microfinance services which could not be provided at group level. It was officially established in 2013 with 52 founder members during TAHEA Mwanza intention to exit its capacity building services to the groups.

The main objectives of the Project are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation).

  • To carrying out the business of providing microfinance services to large number of low income and poor women, men and youth with the aim of contributing to poverty alleviation.
  • To conduct financial intermediation and agency services that benefits low income and poor communities.
  • To promote saving habits among communities and to collaborate with any legally authorized body or institution that may wish to offer the saving/deposits service.
  • To engage in conducting financial education to low income and poor communities.
  • To engage in provision of other permitted financial services to the low income and poor communities.
  • To carry out activities that promotes employment creation to the low income and poor communities, especially youth.
  • To provide collateral free loans to poor women, men, youth through their solidarity groups and deliver micro credit and other permitted financial services to them at their group meetings in the city, towns, villages of Mwanza, with a view to providing them with a sustainable livelihood above the poverty and creating professional managed financially sustainable, community owned microfinance institution for the poor.

WAHI FS Co. Ltd intends to deliver both short, mid and long term loans to its members. The loans have been categorized in the following products.

  • Business loans (Supporting member’s businesses).
  • Education fund for education services (Building education infrastructures, capacity building to Para professional teachers and feeding programs in ECD centres).
  • Agriculture development (which term includes inter alia land acquisition and development, irrigation, watershed development, crop cultivation, plantation, horticulture, forestry, animal husbandry and allied activities such as dairy poultry, fishery, aqua culture and floriculture
  • Market linkage development ( which term includes, inter alia, provision of inputs for and marketing of output of agricultural and industrial development activities including facilities of storage, trading and transport for such inputs and outputs.
  • Habitat development (which term include, inter alia, purchase, construction upgrading, extension and modification of buildings and infrastructure for residential, agricultural, commercial or industrial purpose but exclusively targeted to the poor women, youth and men in generation and enhancement of livelihood in Mwanza
  • Capacity building fund for financial capacity among youth, women and men groups.

The general meeting is the highest and most authoritative sitting of the Company and appoints members of the Board. An ordinary General Meetings of the Company are being held once in every calendar year at such time and place the Board appoints during a preceding General Meeting. WAHI FS Co Ltd has committees (Executive, Loan, Audit and corporate social responsibility committee). All these committees are there to execute credit tasks for the benefits of its members. Apart from that the company has Credit manager, Loan/Credit officer and Accountant to affect the following roles and responsibilities.

  • Entire credit granting process, including the consistent application of a credit policy, periodic credit reviews of existing customers, and the assessment of the creditworthiness of potential customers, with the goal of optimizing the mix of company sales and bad debt losses.
  • Organize activities are planned accordingly and directed to achieve affirmed targets and standards for financial performance, quality, culture and legislative adherence.
  • Staff appointments, development and disciplinary committees of management of all staff matters.
  • Maintain a department organizational structure sufficient to meet all goals and objectives.
  • Properly motivate the credit and collections staff.
  • Measure departments performance with appropriate metrics
  • Provide for ongoing training of the credit staff.
  • Manage relations with collection agencies.
  • Manage relations with credit reporting agencies.
  • Manage relations with credit insurance providers.
  • Manage relations with the sales department.
  • Community Managed Microfinance (CMMF) group seek for membership in the company on behalf of their members. Therefore one gets loan only if he/she has shares and registered in one of the CMMF group1
  • Every member contributes twenty Thousands Tanzania Shillings (Tshs. 20,000), being the amount that undertakes to contribute to the assets of the Company, if it should wind up while she/he is a member or within one year after she ceases to be a member.
  • Three recruited officials (Project Manager, Credit and Accountant) will be responsible for the project at site who will be based in the community
  • Local government will be mobilized to support the project.
  •  The fund distributed to the group members will be revolved among the members through income generation and beneficiaries’ number will increase in a gradual process.

Both Men and Women from lowly resourced communities who are members of CMMF groups will be direct beneficiaries. These will receive both the capital access and training necessary for successful micro-entrepreneurship.

  • WAHI Financial Services Company will be centrally responsible for overall implementation of the project where body of directors, Executive, loan, corporate social responsibility and audit committee will be the overseer of the project. Project Manager, Credit officer and Accountant will be recruited for implementation of the project.