TPAIDS is an acronym for Train, Practice, Assess, Intervene, Document and Share. It is an innovative approach to improve Numeracy and Literacy skills among children, target groups being children in child care centers, pre-primary schools and class 1 in Ilemela and Nyamagana districts.



The Assumption that “Inadequate Basic Numeracy and Literacy skills in Childcare Centers, Pre Schools and Class 1 are contributing to inadequate learning in Primary Classes in Tanzania” has led TAHEA Mwanza to design TPAIDS Approach with the belief that improving Basic Numeracy and Literacy skills among young children can improve Numeracy and Literacy skills among children in Primary Classes and later in their transition to higher levels of education.



Tanzania Home Economics Association (TAHEA – Mwanza) has the pleasure of sharing her TPIDS Brief on Improving Numeracy and Literacy Skills among Young Children. During this period we share among other things our results after training of the targeted Teachers/ Para Teachers and their transfer of the knowledge and skills in their classroom practices with young children.



Training the participating groups to strengthen the literacy and numeracy skills in young children. Teachers were given time to practice with children in class 1, pre-primary and child care centers using the gained skills and knowledge from the training sessions. For more information please download the available TPAIDS Briefs as listed from the right side of the page