Health and Nutrition


We promote health and nutrition for pregnant mothers and young children under 5 years, with the understanding that this is the sensitive period of child development including rapid growth of their body and brain. In this regard we pay attention to the health, growth and wellbeing of mothers as well as children as we contribute to achieving good health and adequate nutrition. We seek to promote health behaviors to individual adults in the communities we serve.


We also support health promotion through mobile clinics especially for communities which are located far from health facilities.


We do this through women groups who are organized in a group of 30 members or less in each community. Each group has a Coordinator who is trained as Trainer (TOT) and guides the group on regular basis, with focus on nutrition for pregnant women, young children and breastfeeding mothers. Generally, Coordinators are trained on nutrition, Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) practices including conducting demonstrations on food preparation and preservation and Essential Nutrition Actions (ENA). They also have responsibility to create awareness and follow ups at household level on attending clinics for pregnant mothers and young children under 5 years.