Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes Promotion

TAHEA works in partnership with other Organizations to promote Sweet Potato Production especially Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato for health, nutrition, food security and income for resource poor households. The Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato have been promoted due to their added value, as they are inexpensive source of vitamin A content for rural farming communities hence improve the  utilization for sweet potatoes in general.

Project Activities

  • Increasing production of cassava, sweet potatoes management and vegetable growing through training of farmers on simple technology to enable them produce enough food for their families.
  • Increased market for the processed cassava, sweet potatoes and vegetables through training of farmers on product development.
  • Providing training to farmers on crop husbandry, processing, storage, product development, utilization and marketing.
  • Conduct nutrition education and demonstration of sweet potato improved dishes for household utilization.
  • Training farmers on post harvest losses and how to reduce them.