Education Project

Education Overview

The community based early childhood development intervention project operates in 10 villages. The project emphasizes the need for learning environment which is friendly for children achievement in both qualitative and quantitative basic education as well as the emphasis of life skills as the foundation stone for the national development which is well stipulated in our Tanzania vision 2025 aiming at achieving a well educated and learning society.
The project aims at increasing the access of quality care and education among 3,600 children in Ilemela and Nyamagana districts through provision of pre-primary education by year 2013

Activities of the Project
  • Resource Mobilization at community level and from other Actors and Donors.
  • Community mobilization and sensitization regarding intergated Early Childhood Development.
  • Training of Pre School, class I and II teachers on the use of child centred teaching methodologies and development of leaning and teaching materials/aids.
  • Constructing/renovating pre-primary facilities through self help efforts and support from Donors/ well wishers.
  • Following up enrolment, attendance and completion of pre school education for children aged 5-6, STD I and II.
  • Mobilizationg of Community Managed Micro Finance activities to enable them access soft loans for family income generation projects.
  • Documentation of lessons learnt and best practices of the project intervention.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the project activities. 
  • Networking and Collaboration with other organizations targeting children.
  • Lobby and Advocacy of young children’s rights and needs.
  • Policy engagement on children’s rights and needs.
  • Training of Para Professionals in Pre School teaching (a program which its outcomes will be shared widely in Tanzania).
  • Promotion of Community Managed Micro Finance activities to support Education.