Capacity Building

Capacity Building Report


Mwanza Region ECD services with the exception of those provided by government sectors are still limited to business and they are for profit making. Community Based ECD Centers are mainly those which belong to religious communities or individuals where parents have to pay some fees for their children to be enrolled. The emerging Community Based ECD services are due to the work of CBOs and NGOs where mobilization is being done to create awareness among communities on the importance of Early Childhood Development and the need for children to access ECD services for many developmental outcomes.

Tanzania Home Economics Association (TAHEA Mwanza) having worked with rural communities in establishing ECD centers, has decided to establish a Community Resource and Training Center where there is a Model Child Care Center as one of the ways of mobilizing the wider community to establish such centers in their localities, it is good that communities are starting to respond to this course. So, TAHEA in partnership with Firelight Foundation is now implementing the Capacity Building Project which seeks to build the capacities of 6 CBOs on ECD programming and Organizational Development (OD).

What does this mean? It means TAHEA should build the CBOs/ NGOs capacity in mobilization of Communities to see the value of investing in Early Childhood Development especially in establishing Child Care Centers in the communities they target, empower them in ECD knowledge and skills in working with/for young children, management and resource mobilization in sustaining the Centers.

TAHEA does this through the facilitation of its members who are professionals in different areas. Some of the activities involved in the capacity building plan are as follows;

  • Baseline Exercise
  • Site visit by Lead Partner.
  • Learning Cycles
  • Peer to Peer Exchange Visits
  • Mentoring and coaching to individual organizations
  • Traingin
  • Review meeting
  • Exchange Visits

The Organizations involved are Mwanza Chemichemi, Umoja 74 Group, Tusaidiane Mwaloni Kirumba (TMK), Amani Girls Home (AGH), Mwanza Women Development Association (MWDA) and Assist People with Disabilities in Mwanza (APDM), all located in Mwanza City.